art of print making since 1951.


Over the years, we have remained true to our original mission. Through our timeless, distinctive and functional designs, we want to empower people to be happy as they are and bring joy to their everyday lives through bold prints and colours.

about us

Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colours. Founded in 1951 by a visionary woman Armi Ratia, Marimekko is said to be one of the world’s first real lifestyle brands combining fashion, bags and accessories as well as home decoration into one unique point of view.


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design philosophy

Joy of everyday life

Our designers, each with a distinct, personal style, are spreading happiness through their designs. Young designers grow to become the Marimekko masters of tomorrow.

Patterns and colours

We have always built our design on strikingly inventive patterns and the clever use of colours. In fact, open-minded and unpretentious, we champion creativity. It is the art of printmaking


"Marimekko is not about trendy fashion, with a few minor exceptions. We make lasting and timeless products. Timelessness may, however, occasionally come into fashion by chance, like now." - Armi Ratia, 1978


Marimekko is about living, not pretending; about understanding and accepting the beauty of life just as we encounter it every day.


At the end of the day, we do create objects for people to enjoy in everyday life.

Freedom of creativity

We foster a carefree environment where our talented designers and craftsmen are guided, inspired and encouraged to truly express themselves. We simply ask for our products to have an authentic, living soul.


Printed in Helsinki

The heart and soul of Marimekko’s print design is our own textile printing factory in Helsinki where the bold prints and colours come to life. Around one million metres of fabric are printed at the factory every year. The printing factory has a crucial role in Marimekko’s design process. Located at Marimekko’s headquarters, it allows designers to work closely with the craftsmen who realise the prints onto fabric one step at a time. Doing things together results in creativity, innovation and originality. We believe that being a pioneer in print design goes hand-in-hand with in-house production.

Caring for the environment

Taking care of the environment is one of the basic pillars of our operations. The main environmental aspects of our own operations are related to our fabric printing factory in Helsinki. Our aim is to continuously reduce our environmental impacts and improve resource efficiency. Our efforts are focused on energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, minimising water consumption, reduction of emissions, recycling, and reutilising waste. From 2016, we have used biogas instead of natural gas at our fabric printing factory, which significantly reduces our carbon dioxide emissions. The electricity we purchase is generated with wind power.


the others

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Aino-Maija Metsola

Aino-Maija Metsola is a Helsinki-based freelance illustrator and designer who graduated with an MA in graphic design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. With her immense interest in colour, Aino-Maija creates bold yet subtle prints using different techniques ranging from watercolour to ink, markers and gouache. Aino-Maija has been collaborating with Marimekko since 2006.

Anna Danielsson

Anna Danielsson is a Stockholm-based freelance illustrator and designer who is known for her bold and modern, yet timeless designs.

Annika Rimala

Annika Rimala (1936-2014) worked as a designer at Marimekko from 1960 to 1982. From early on, her modern, distinctive clothes began to appear on the covers and pages of some of the world's leading fashion magazines. Her work was also characterised by timelessness, practicality and humour.

Armi Ratia

Armi Ratia (1912-1979) was born in Pälkjärvi in Karelia - now part of Russia. Her father owned a small grocery store and her mother worked as a grade school teacher. She studied in Helsinki and graduated as a textile designer in 1935. That same year, she got married to Viljo Ratia.

Erja Hirvi

Erja Hirvi is a Helsinki-based textile designer who has studied at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. In Erja's patterns, everyday reality and imagination combine to form potent, colorful stories. Her textile designs are often inspired by cities, gardens and her travels.

Fujiwo Ishimoto

Fujiwo Ishimoto is a Helsinki-based Japanese textile and ceramic artist who joined Marimekko in 1974. A master of many different styles and techniques, Fujiwo has designed around 400 fabric prints for Marimekko. The influence of nature can be clearly felt in nearly all of his designs, whether figurative or abstract. He also has a brilliant talent for creating changing moods with colours. Many of the patterns designed by him have become widely beloved classics over the years.

Harri Koskinen

Harri Koskinen is a Helsinki-based industrial designer who runs his own design agency called Friends of Industry Ltd. His works have been on display in numerous exhibitions around the world, and he has been awarded several major design prizes.

Kustaa Saksi

Kustaa Saksi is a Finnish-born artist and designer currently residing in Amsterdam. In his work, Kustaa focuses on graphic storytelling through pattern design, textile art and installations. Many of his patterns are motivated by an abstract interpretation of natural forms.

Mai Ohta

Mai Ohta is a Japanese fashion designer living in Helsinki. She earned her bachelor's degree from Yamaguchi Prefectural University in 2003 and graduated with an MA in fashion design from the University of Arts and Design Helsinki in 2006.

Maija Isola

Maija Isola's (1927-2001) remarkable career as a textile designer began at Printex, Marimekko's predecessor, in 1949 and lasted 38 years. She designed more than 500 fabric patterns, which cover an amazingly diverse range of motifs and design techniques.

Maija Louekari

Maija Louekari is a Helsinki-based freelance illustrator and designer who has studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The starting point of her career was in 2003 when she won a design competition co-organised by Marimekko and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Her winning design, the Hetkiä/Moments pattern, is still available in Marimekko's home collection.

Paavo Halonen

Paavo Halonen is a Helsinki-based artist, illustrator and publisher. He studied at Turku Academy of Fine Arts in the early 2000s and is now working both as an artist and a textile designer.

Sanna Annukka

Sanna Annukka is a Brighton-based printmaker and textile designer who graduated in 2005 with a BA (Hons) in illustration from the University of Brighton. Sanna draws inspiration from her Finnish heritage, nature and folklore. Her first Marimekko prints, designed in 2008, were based on her favourite tales from the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Her Hauki (pike) pattern featured on kitchen items has become a perennial favourite.

Satu Maaranen

Satu Maaranen is a Helsinki-based fashion designer. Her graduate collection from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture won first prize at the Hyères Fashion Festival in 2013.

Sofia Järnefelt

Sofia Järnefelt is a Helsinki-based fashion designer. She graduated from the Aalto University School of Art and Design in 2011.Sofia has won the Designers' Nest Award in Copenhagen and the Aalto Award in Helsinki. She is also one of the co-founders of Pre Helsinki, a platform promoting Finnish fashion. Sofia has been designing for Marimekko since 2011.